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Title: "Not What I Wanted" (2023)

Size: 11"x14"

Medium: Cut-and-pasted magazine on mixed-media paper

Copyright: © 2023 Tyler Chernesky


About This Collage

It wasn’t what I wanted that got me into trouble
It was not knowing how to want
Forgetting who or what or that I desire
Thinking that thinking could win in the end
Tuning out the ache, turning down the longing
That’s how this all began.


* * * 


This collage belongs to a series of works that was created while I processed an intense personal tragedy that resulted in a number of seismic shifts in life, faith, and vocation. Its heaviness and hopefulness - its heart and its hurt - reflect my inner world during that time. 

"Not What I Wanted" // Archival Print

  • Original collage in shades of gray, pink, and blue.

    This collage will NOT come framed. The framed image in the description photograph merely gives an example of what it might look like when it's displayed.

    All artwork is signed on the back. Works can be signed on the front at collector's request.

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