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Title: "Not What I Wanted" (2023)

Size: 11"x14"

Medium: Cut-and-pasted magazine on mixed-media paper

Copyright: © 2023 Tyler Chernesky


About This Collage

It wasn’t what I wanted that got me into trouble
It was not knowing how to want
Forgetting who or what or that I desire
Thinking that thinking could win in the end
Tuning out the ache, turning down the longing
That’s how this all began.


* * * 


This collage belongs to a series of works that was created while I processed an intense personal tragedy that resulted in a number of seismic shifts in life, faith, and vocation. Its heaviness and hopefulness - its heart and its hurt - reflect my inner world during that time. 

"Not What I Wanted" // Archival Print